The office experience includes a very wide range of works in several scales, scopes and programs. It is notable the acquired maturity in the development of projects from scratch, also complemented by rehabilitation work of existing buildings.

It has knowledge and practice in the various project stages, from the aid in the program definition and intervention strategy to construction. At this time, within the accomplished project spectrum, it has already a considerable number of works built and completed.

In the early stages the office focused on rehabilitation of houses and shops. In the meantime it has diversified with public space projects, parking lots, corporate headquarters, public facilities as well as laboratory buildings (PVC production, Water quality, Biology, Infectious diseases). It has also developed for urban planning, taking part in strategic plans, urban studies for cargo logistics and transport. In design it can be highlighted the consultancy for laboratory furniture, alongside with hospital and school furniture.

It has developed work in various sectors and scales, and has responsibility in public and private buildings and projects in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, and Brazil. It has also contacts for project development in Morocco and Algeria.





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